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Why Castra Managed Services?

Why Castra Managed Services?

Our founders, Grant and Tony, built and managed some of the largest MSSP SOC environments in the world; they were integral to AT&T Managed Services and Perimeter eSecurity before creating Castra. We understand how a top-flight MSSP should function.

We own and manage our own MSSP and SOC, stocked with security analysts and consultants. Our staff work directly with AlienVault development teams, field testing new ideas and vetting feature requests and enhancements before they’re released. We require our employees to demonstrate end-to-end proficiency in AlienVault before they work with customer systems.

Who’s managing your AlienVault today?
Are you getting the actionable alerts you expect from AlienVault? Are you getting relevant reports? Are you in control of what your data tells you? Do you have trusted advisors to assist with your data concerns? If your AlienVault configuration hasn’t kept pace with your infrastructure changes, you’re probably missing important information.

You’ve invested time, money, and data in AlienVault – now consider a managed solution to ensure continued success. Our offers are flexible and we work with you to build a solution that fits your company.

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