Castra’s roots were born from many years of experience managing literally thousands of Intrusion Detection devices globally. We have built and managed numerous SOC, Security Operation Centers, in our careers, though always for others. From all we have learned, we established our own SOC dedicated to you, the client.

• We are the #1 Professional Service provider for Alienvault
• We work directly with Dev teams as well as Support teams
• We helped craft the certification exams and teach private classes
• We have installed over 1500 Alienvault platforms

You can do this on your own for sure, but why not learn from and work with the best? We want to be your Trusted Advisor, there when you need us, support when it matters, but proactively
ahead of the platform for you. We can help with all aspects from implementation through various levels of management or on demand T3/T4 support.

Grant Leonard

Over fifteen years experience in corporate level network security, focusing on Risk Management and Mitigation, SIEM Architecture and SIEM management at the Fortune 500 and US Government agency level.More Info

Tony Simone

Over twenty years experience in network security from military Information Warfare to corporate InfoSec. Highly skilled in security operations, threat analysis, SIEM platforms and network security devices.More Info