Do you have a custom application or system not currently supported by the USM platform? You certainly want to capture those logs for correlation, reporting, and compliance. Our team can build plugins to integrate these other data sources into the system so that you can get real value from them.

What about other IT infrastructure, like a 3rd party ticketing system or a business analytics tool? Do you need to link in your security platform to make sure that the right people get the right data to protect your network? We can do that, and we’ve done it successfully many times already with a variety of well known tools on the market.

Want to take security response to the next level by triggering automatic blocks, data forensics captures, network traffic recording, or other actions? Our security-savvy development staff can build the automation and connect together systems that, until now, required your team to manually hop between them and respond.

Professional Services

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Custom Integrations

If it has an API, we can make it work
If it doesn't have an API we can likely make it work

• Custom Threat Feed Integration
• Remote system integrations
• Custom log ingestion
• Active Response
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OSSEC actively monitors all aspects of Unix system activity with file integrity monitoring, log monitoring, rootcheck, and process monitoring. More Info

The Castra Elastic Logger for USM Appliance

A faster, more advanced solution to pair with your existing USM instance

Do you need to add long-term logging to your AlienVault USM? Do you want to combine the search power of Elastic with the advanced AlienVault USM platform? If you are looking to expand your AlienVault raw log storage while adding new possibilities for analytics, visualization and reporting, Castra’s Elastic Logger is for you.More Info


Castra has developed technology integrating the Soltra Edge platform with AlienVault's OTX. More Info


Castra Consulting has found a way to receive an ERspan tunnel that allows you to leverage the excellent visibility that NIDS provides on your network, while still using your USM Appliance system in a virtualized infrastructure.

Do you need this functionality? Contract Castra Consulting today and we can get started!
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