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Grant Leonard, Tony Simone,

Confused about IDS? Do you wish three experts were just sitting around willing to answer questions about it? Well push policy and sit back because it just happened! Get your questions answered in this "Ask the Experts" Google Hangout. We’ll start off with the basics like implementation; How much IDS do I need? Where do I install it? What can’t IDS do?


Joe Schreiber, Director of Solutions Architecture with AlienVault Tony Simone, Managing Partner, Castra Consulting Grant Leonard, Managing Partner, Castra Consulting

Joe, Tony and Grant, collectively known as "JTaG", have been working with packets one way or another for a combined 50 years. During their tenure at AT&T, they managed IDS for some of the world's largest companies and have used every IDS available from NetRanger to Suricata. They also stood up SIEMs capable of processing billions of events per day in their "Threat Management" SOC environment. These days, they use their powers for good, helping customers of all sizes understand the ever-changing security landscape.