Threat Feeds & Vulnerability Scanning

Many clients will have additional Threat Feeds or Vulnerability Scanning tools in addition to Alienvault. Castra Consulting can bridge the gap between the two. More Info

The Castra Elastic Logger for USM Appliance

A faster, more advanced solution to pair with your existing USM instance

Do you need to add long-term logging to your AlienVault USM? Do you want to combine the search power of Elastic with the advanced AlienVault USM platform? If you are looking to expand your AlienVault raw log storage while adding new possibilities for analytics, visualization and reporting, Castra’s Elastic Logger is for you.More Info

Active Response

Netshield’s Snoopwall

Using Netshield's Snoopwall, Castra Consulting can add Active Repsonse to the client platform. More Info

Brand and Executive Exposure Monitoring

With 4IQ Castra can add deep web and dark web monitoring for client Brand and Executive exposure, and of course bring that into any platform for notification purposesMore Info