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Who Is Monitoring Your SIEM?

Castra’s roots were born from many years of experience managing literally thousands of Intrusion Detection devices and massive, multi-tenant SIEM platforms globally.

You can do this on your own for sure, but why not learn from and work with the best? We want to be your Trusted Advisor, there when you need us, support when it matters, but proactively ahead of the platform for you.
mSIEM Elite

mSIEM Elite

Our most in-depth service. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) watches your network, investigates security alarms, tunes the system for better visibility, and works with you when they find anomalies. You don’t need to manage the security platform or watch the console day by day - we do that for you. Let us take care of it all while you focus on your business.More Info
mSIEM Enhanced

mSIEM Enhanced

Are you able to respond to alarms and conduct security investigations, but occasionally need another set of expert eyes to make an assessment? With our Enhanced service, we take care of the platform 24x7 while you focus on security, but we back you up with highly skilled analysts who can help you work through complex incidents. And we meet with you quarterly for a more holistic review of the platform and configuration.More Info
mSIEM Elements

mSIEM Elements

A co-managed solution for meeting policy requirements. mSIEM Elements is an Open Source Host and Endpoint Security platform with a real-time and user-friendly log searching console for your OS logs and Alerts.More Info
mSIEM Essentials

mSIEM Edge

Castra SOC and Consulting team can help as a T3/T4, on demand service. Just like Professional Services, where Castra works with you on items related to your SIEM or USM, We are here to help you resolve those items quickly and efficiently as your trusted mentoring team. More Info
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A leader in the Unified Security Management space, and a company that truly believes that security analysis tools don't need to cost millions of dollars to be effective. Castra is AlienVault's #1 Professional Services partner, having delivered over 750 new implementations in the past 3 years. AlienVault understands their target market and brings a solution that covers several key security controls that are tightly integrated and effective. Castra partnered with AlienVault to bring world class Professional Service, Implementation Services, and Managed Services to their product line.

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