mSIEM Essentials

Do you review the alarms and reports from your security tools, but don’t have time to maintain them? Our Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors 24x7 while you focus on investigations. Let us take care of patches, updates, health & performance, security enhancements, data flow, and troubleshooting while you focus on analysis. We meet with you quarterly to review your security posture and recommend improvements.

mSIEM Essentials provides all of the behind the scenes support, with 24x7 platform health monitoring. The concept is there to allow those companies that are staffed well enough
to handle alarm investigation, or where Alarms and EPS (events per second) are really low. This is a cheaper solution for a reason, as Castra Consulting will take the onus of the day to day platform maintenance. Alienvault also offers a "Managed Appliance Solution" or MAS, where they do something very similar. The difference here is that with mSIEM Essentials the client can talk to Castra about policies, directives, reports and gets a quarterly platform posture review. MAS is simply remote updates/upgrades , mSIEM Essentials is your partner and trusted advisor in platform posture , risk detection and data manipulation. Think of us as part of your staff, an extension of your team.

Customized Threat Detection
• Expert assistance on new service deployment from Security Operations Team
• Intensive analysis of customer needs and network environment
• Custom configuration of AlienVault platform
• Vulnerability assessment scan tuning
• Correlation optimization and alarm tuning assistance

Recurring Performance Reviews
• Scheduled teleconferences with Security Operations
Team covering:
◦ Alarm review and noise reduction
◦ Capacity planning
◦ Risk posture adjustments
◦ Report customization

Ongoing Health Monitoring
• 24×7 monitoring of appliance health by Security Operations Team
• Cloud-based platform continuously monitors:
◦ Hardware and software stats
◦ Event flow rates
◦ Capacity and performance information
• Proactive tuning and customer notification upon problem detection

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