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Tools and expertise to help you monitor your systems

If you have IT infrastructure, then you have assets that are under constant threat. How do you detect if your systems are attacked? Would you know if your data was stolen or altered? What if malware was placed on a critical server? Many security products promise to protect you, but breaches keep happening. Our tools and expertise help you monitor your systems, network and other critical elements to identify suspicious activity and act before it’s too late.


Castra’s most in-depth service

Elite is Castra’s most in-depth service. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) watches your network, investigates security alarms, tunes the system for better visibility, and works with you when we find anomalies. You don’t need to manage the security platform or watch the console day by day - we do that for you. Let us take care of everything while you focus on your business.More Info


We care for your platform 24x7 while you focus on triage

Are you able to respond to alarms and conduct security investigations, but occasionally need another set of expert eyes to make an assessment? With our Enhanced service, we care for your platform 24x7 while you focus on triage. Castra backs you up with highly skilled analysts who can help you work through complex incidents. We meet with you continually for a more holistic review of your platform and configuration.More Info


Professional Services and Consulting

Do you have a custom application or system not currently supported by your platform, but you need to capture those logs for correlation, reporting, and compliance? Our team can build plugins and playbooks to integrate these and other data sources into your system so that you can get real value from them.More Info
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